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Tim Ramage

3 months ago

Hi Galina, this is a really good idea. I can totally see why you would find this helpful, especially when you have very large story maps with lots of cards.

Can I ask how you would see drag and drop working when moving cards on a filtered map? Or do you think moving cards should be disabled whilst the map has an active filter applied?


3 months ago

That is a really good question! It depends what cards: Journeys I would be ok with freezing, or when moving showing "to the right" or "below" of which card it goes.

I am also probably ok disabling it for moving journeys and steps, as this is a way to filter the journeys that I want to look at, but keeping it for user stories (so we can move them into iterations and set into specific order).

Filtering will achieve two scenarios for me: 1) filter user journeys that I want to see (when I have many of them), for example show a specific initiative or filter by personas. 2) filtering cards by "Ready" status so we can mass move them into a new iteration.

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